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Herzlich Willkommen bei Talexx Foto !!! Welcome to Talexx Foto !!! Hola a Talexx Foto !!!


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Hello and cordially welcome
with Talexx photo,

my name is Alexander Thomas (41), and I`m a passionate photographer.
I live in the beautiful Uruguay, where I have the possibility of seeing and photographing many interesting things.
Sun, beach and sea belong here already to my daily work surrounding field;
Simple life busily me here and gives me the power to record unusual moments.
Everyone can inform also about this beautiful country, if would like to do, contact me, your welcome. Technology and art belong together to me, I try to let everything become in my pictures to a symbiosis….

A Vision of Life

Alias Talexx Foto I work with a Panasonic LUMIX (C), Nikon (FX) and Revues, which gives me a lot of fun in my work. With the sun, the people an this country I´m very pleased to do all that. A lot of hours, days an moth I´ve spent with studying fotografie in autodidaction mode. Within 9 years I´m now very proud, to be firm in nearly all cases. But just earlier I´ve worked a lot with my camera before. God bless the hard work, the hours, the videos and pretty much workstations to get solutions with a high professional note now.

Greetings, yours Alex

NOW !!!:

for fotos professionals.

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Uruguay 095 - 414 350 *** talexxfoto@gmx.de


Panasonic DMC-FZ 50 (c)
(Support ended)

A small selection of my pictures can be seen here under the menu option my pictures left above,

or you click on the panthermedia banners and arrive
directly to the pictures, where it can look at and/or buy it….


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